SimonIT is an Information Technology & multimedia contract based business specialising in network engineering, web development, technical support, drafting services, software development and a number of other specialty fields.

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Some of the services offered include:

Web site & application development

We can handle everything from the design stage, including domain registration, and help in choosing and setting up a web host. We cater for both simple websites and more complex sites including e-commerce sites, interactive social networking sites, on-line donations etc…

Network engineering

We provide support for most server and desktop operating systems including Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 as well as all manner of network integration configurations such as firewalls, VPN’s, backup solutions, cloud setups and internet security.

Drafting/CAD services

We offer mechanical design and drafting services dedicated to quality, accuracy and dependability at very affordable rates. Our services consist of the preparation of fabrication drawings, 3D models, sheet metal shop drawings, assembly drawings etc…

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How to change OS X screen capture settings

Ever wish OS X’s screenshots ended up somewhere other than your desktop? Or you would prefer them to be jpg’s instead of png files? No shadow on the captured image? A little terminal trickery can change all that. Read on to find out how. Change the screenshot image type By default, OS X saves screenshots in the .png format (Portable Network Graphics). However, you can make OS X save your screenshots in many different fil ... Read more ►

Cannot turn on iTunes Match on iOS 7

The problem According to the instructions from Apple, to turn on iTunes Match on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad): On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, tap Settings > Music. Turn on iTunes Match. However, there seems to be a bug in iOS 7 whereby once you have subscribed to iTunes Match on your computer (you can’t subscribe from your iOS device, despite what the settings page seems to imply), instead of there being an option for ... Read more ►

CSS: changing the box-sizing property

What is it? The standard CSS box model works in the following manner (ignoring early versions of Internet Explorer). Total width of the box = declared width + padding + border (please refer to the diagram below). So in our CSS code for example, we would have something like this: [code language=”css”] div.our-box { width: 100px; padding: 20px; border: 2px solid red; } [/code] So our div box instead of having a w ... Read more ►